15 Things You Need to do Before You Start The Hcg Diet

It is important to get yourself prepared for the HCG weight loss diet to avoid failure. Make sure you do everything possible so that you are ready to start this diet.

The list below contains 15 things that you should do before you start the HCG diet:

Decide on a date and note it down: 

Identify a date when you can start the diet and mark it on your calendar so that you can see it as many times as possible. This will mentally prepare you for the HCG diet.

Inform your family and friends: 

Make your friends and family members aware that you want to do the HCG diet and tell them the specific date you have planned to start. They can support and encourage you especially when you feel like backing out.

Read the protocol of the HCG diet well: 

Make sure that you read the whole original HCG diet protocol of Dr. Simeons .You can even read it twice if necessary.

Make orders for your HCG: 

Order your diet now if you are getting it online. You may have to wait for several weeks before it arrives. A doctor’s care when you are on the diet is good, though most people may be unable to afford it.

Use colon cleanse: 

It is not mandatory to use colon cleanse, but it is recommended.

Take Pictures: 

Snap a few photos of your body before you start the diet. Though you may find it difficult to look at them in the beginning, you will appreciate at the end of the diet that you took them.

Take your measurements: 

Measure your legs, waist and arms before you start the diet so that you will note any changes that will occur after. The HCG diet will make you lose both weight and inches.

Know your weight: 

It is important to weigh yourself before you start the diet so that it is easy to find out how much weight you will have lost at the end. When on the diet, do it every day so that you can know your progress.

Get a journal: 

You can use the journal to write what you feel as well to keep track of your weight.Get rid of certain food in your refrigerator: Go through your refrigerator and get rid of foods that may tempt you while you are on the HCG diet.

Buy foods allowed on the diet: 

Purchase foods such as vegetables, bottled water, fruit, lean meats and others that you are allowed to take when on the HCG diet.

 Use a foreman grill: 

This grill is used to measure the amount of grease and fats in food. Get yourself one so that you can avoid foods with high concentration of fats and grease.

Identify mistakes done by people on the diet: 

Carry out research in the internet about the common mistakes that people on the HCG diet have often made and try to avoid them.

Get recipes: 

Find some recipes of the HCG diet. You can get a few from the HCG Diet 411 blog.

Avoid eating the same thing twice in a day: 

Once you have read the HCG diet protocol, you will find out that there is need to plan your meals because you cannot always eat the same food.

You will have more success with the diet if you are well prepared. Try doing all the things in the list above.

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