A Quick Read on How HCG Diet and Exercise Helps Shed Body Weight

As a dieter, you should know by now that the key to effective lose weight is to cut the intake of calories and increase physical activities to be able to burn excess body fats. Unfortunately, the body has the tendency the store fats at all cost and this is where HCG diet and exercise can be very helpful.

Why do most people fail at losing weight?

Some people believe that if an individual fails at losing weight, the only reason for this is that they have weak personalities and they lack the will power. However, those people who think this way are the ones who have never dealt with this issue ever. They are those who are somewhat ignorant when it comes to the fundamentals of human physiology. The truth is most people who are trying to reduce the amount of fats in their body are engaged in a war against thousands of years of survival mechanism and evolutionary tendencies.

One great irony of nature is the fact that fat can result to various heart conditions, hypertension and other medical problems. The normal body needs between 1,500 and 2,000 calories in a day for it to function properly. When an individual’s calorie intake drops down below the normal level, the body might end up like an automobile that is running low on fuel. Because of this, the driver, which is this case is the hypothalamus gland, starts to respond by easing up on gas and slowing the body’s metabolic process. To prevent this and to keep the body functions normal, the hypothalamus will have to store fats as long as it possibly can in order to obtain the energy it needs.

Why Strenuous Exercises should be Avoided

Engaging in mild to moderate exercises is not a bad idea. However, working out to the point that you are almost out of breath and straining your body can seriously sabotage your dieting efforts, especially when you are following the HCG diet protocol. The reason behind this is when the heart the rate of respiration exceeds a certain point; the hypothalamus starts to double its effort in order to hang on to the fat reserves. Activities like sprinting can be associated with chasing meat on the hoof and this situation may happen on a daily basis.

In case a part of the brain that is responsible for controlling the body’s metabolism starts to perceive the situation as such, it will be forced to work harder in order to conserve all the energy resources available in the form of fat. However, take note that HCG diet requires exercise as well, especially when you reached the maintenance phase. But before getting into this, it is important that you are aware of the ways on how you can determine if your body is being exercises at optimum levels while following HCG diet.

When you decide to work out during the maintenance phase of the HCG diet protocol, take note of the normal activities that you are still capable of doing. If you can still carry out a conversation with someone while you are working out or after a workout, then you are still in the zone. This is when the body continues to burn fat or when the process of fat burning occurs. If not and you feel like you will drop at any point in time, then it would be best to change your routines and opt for lighter exercises.

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