An Introduction to the HCG Diet Plan

Human Chronic Gonadotropin also known as HCG is a hormone first discovered in the year 1927 by Dr. Andrew T. W. Simeons. The hormone is one that is found in pregnant women where it functions to help in the development of the genital of children with underdeveloped genitalia. The hormone is now used to aid weight lose.

In the fifties further research by Dr. Simeons concluded that HCG was not only useful in aiding the development of genitals in babies, but it also led to weight reduction in those who took the hormone. This was also aided by the fact that those who took the drug had a decreased appetite.

This study also led to the growth of the use of HCG as a weight loss drug. The hormone was then developed to be used intravenously in a combination with a diet plan that usually involving low calorific intake.

The Very Low Calorie Diet

The plan that makes use of the hormone, commonly known as the HCG plan, requires that the user only take a maximum of 500 calories a day. This is because part of the effect of HCG is that it leads to the burning of fat to provide the body with energy.

The hormone leads to the burning off of accumulated fat in the body. Those on the diet are therefore asked to stop the injection and the meal plans after the weight has been lost. This is due to the fact that the body will now not be dependent on the excess fat, and the body will utilize the energy provided solely by the food he/she takes.

The Original HCG Diet Protocol

In his initial manuscript, Dr. Simeon explained the whole diet plan from breakfast to dinner. The original document titled “Pounds and Inches” is now what is referred to as the Very Low Calorie Diet.

For breakfast tea or coffee will do. Only a tablespoonful of milk is allowed in any 24 hr period. It is also recommended that you use artificial sweeteners or herbs.

For lunch you may take only 100 grams of any kind of meat. Only that the meat should be weighed when raw and all the visible fatty chunks should be taken out before cooking. You also have a given list of vegetables that you can choose from and you may choose to add a given type and quantity of fruit. This regimen can also be taken for supper.

The New HCG Diet Manual

Over the years more and more people, have studied the plan and made improvements to it. Kevin Trudeau is one of them. He has come up with an updated version of the plan that includes phases with detailed instructions of how to implement the program in your daily life.

HCG Diet Recipes 

There are numerous online recipes available for those who would wish to follow this program. You also have kits available that will help you on your path as you follow the HCG diet plan. This will ensure that you gain the most out of the plan.

One final thought, try to understand any diet plan that you wish to follow before you begin.

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