Cooking foods the effective way in HCG diet plan

Cooking foods the effective way in HCG diet plan written by: yuktic It is a well known fact that many obese women as well as men are opting for alternative therapy in order to achieve weight loss. This is because they are concerned about the side effects of any quick weight loss program. As exercise remains a bit difficult, it is the hormone based therapy that offers a glimpse of hope. This is why the number of followers who are using HCG based diet is going up considerably.

The HCG diet can help in losing a considerable amount of weight quickly, but it is important to stick to the food that is recommended. Also ensure that food is cooked in such a way that the calorie count remains within the prescribed limit. It is important to know the best ways for preparing HCG recipes. Even though oil can be used in moderation, but it is best to cook some foods without using any oil. This does not have to mean bland food. Using the right spices as well as cooking techniques will help to make yummy foods as per the HCG diet rules.

Various methods are available for cooking food without oil or by using very little oil and still ensuring that the taste is great. Thus, in order to prevent meat from sticking to the pan while cooking, you should heat that pan well before putting in meat pieces. Also, do not move the meat until it turns a little brown. You may even add small quantity of water.

Reducing dressing as well as oil can help to keep the calorie count within the required limits. In case you need to add some vegetables,do so only after the meat has become a little tender. The HCG weight loss diet does not mean that you would not be able to have diverse foods. In fact, with HCG diet you can eat a variety of meats and fish. Just ensure that you cook them properly. In addition to different meats, you can even try seafood besides some fish that is not too oily. Use cottage cheese as well as tofu too.

Cook meat with vinegar besides dry herbs. Avoid using mayonnaise or oils. You may even boil or grill meat as that will help to remove excess fat. Also, purchase onl the lean cuts of meat. Also, buy fresh produce as well as meat as processed foods have an impact on daily calorie intake. Use the spices with dishes with care. You may sprinkle thermogenic spice over dishes. These enhance the taste but do not add to the calorie count. Avoid using those condiments and spices which are full of artificial preservatives. For dishes that need to be cooked with oil, try light sautéing. Also, use cooking spray rather than butter. Use herbs such as ginger and garlic. Also check out the web to get more information on the HCG diet and various interesting recipes. Avoid hydrogenated vegetable oils and rather opt for low calorie oils containing vitamin D, such as coconut oil besides sesame oil.

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