Discovering your HCG inspiration

Whenever I feel am down, nothing is coming together, depressed and cannot stick to the hCG plan and generally feel like I want to give up, I normally turn to Vanessa Williams to get inspiration. Some may think that it is the tennis star, but it is the Ugly Betty star Wilhelmina Slater.

She is multitalented, she can sing very well and to add on to that, she is beautiful. This can be some of the reasons why those attributes get me inspired, but that is not the reason. They are not even in the top ten reasons why she inspires me. If some of have good memory, you can remember very well that back in the year 1983, she won the Ms. America crown. Ms. Williams was the first African American to win this crown. She was around the age of 20 or 21and very gorgeous, she still is today. The thing is, I did not pay attention to who was or not the Ms. America and the fact that she was the first African American to get the crown was not exception to that rule too.

In the year 1984 after summer, the penthouse magazine bought some of her naughty pictures her and showcased them for the world to see. The reason why I remember this is because is worked in an office that is full of men and they chose me to go buy about 15 copies of this magazine. The person in the newsstand never looked at me the same way again the rest of the summer.

It was not until years later that she got to inspire me, which she still does till today. When things go wrong in life and I sometimes feel like giving up, I normally think of what she underwent and it keeps me going strong. During that year, everyone wrote her off. She was dethroned and disgraced because of the nude pictures with other women. No wanted to be associated with her and her career was over only that no one gave her the memo. There was no one that told her to give up and not to try again.

You need to have a lot of strength in order to suffer and be humiliated publicly like her during that summer and still rise up to be the person that you want to become in life. This kind of strength takes motivation, support, determination and self-drive in order to achieve it. It is obvious that she faced many of these insecurities but had she not stood her ground, she would not have done the spots on tv that are countless, many movies, released several albums, appearing on Broadway for two shows and being nominated for a tony award, Grammy award nominations and Emmys

Try to imagine if someone actually presented that memo to her.

In life, it is in order to choose a person that inspires you for any reason and then use that person to achieve your goal when you are on your hCG plan. Use any form of support that you can find and those that will help you positively to achieve your goals and overcome the challenges.

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