Excessive Weight Loss Through Better Than HCG

The HCG diet plan has proven to be an ideal and effective excessive weight loss solution to the millions of people in different parts of the globe since the 1950′s. This is affirmed by the fact that for the more than sixty years people of different parts of the world especially Latin America and Western Europe have been relying on HCG for their excessive weight loss problems. However changing times and innovation of even better substances have led to the innovation of better than HCG diet which introduces new and improved ways of enabling weight loss. The better than HCG is a natural supplement that contains two primary elements which are clinically tested and approved to be effective for excessive weight loss

The two elements are meant to replace hormonal build up thus enabling people to lose weight in a better way. This is facilitated by elimination of body’s natural HCG hormones after recent studies and research discovered that human body does not require the hormone so as to significantly lose weight. The better than HCG weight loss is facilitated by diverse factors which include;Controlling and reducing the urge to consume sweets, sugar and sodasRemoving toxins from the bodyFacilitating the removal of excessive body fatsAnd improving natural metabolism

Better than HCG was made after years of extensive research to unsure than the ingredients have the ability to make users loss weight loss and without any side effects. The ingredients used undergo proper prior testing and measurements in the FDA approved laboratories under keen scrutiny of the state and local governing authorities. Amongst the ingredients used to make this ideal way of weight loss include;Obesity fighting substance called ammonium BromatumToxin flusher known as Nux VomicaA fat fighter referred to as Calcarea carbonicAnd metabolic rates accelerator and fats flusher known as Thyroidinum

Even though the better than HCG has several natural similarities with the traditional HCG diet, it has a calories intake of a thousand per day which is double of what the traditional diet does. It also does not have a bloating sensation which is common with other types of weight loss methods. These attributes has made better than HCG to be well received by the consumer where it has acquired the ‘latest trend’ title.

The better than HCG is only available online where it is sold by selected and trusted distributors. Its sale incorporate three plans which are meant to meet all the different customers’ demands. The plans include the starter plan which is worth $79.99 and incorporates a fifteen days supply of the diet drops. Another plan is the basic plan that is worth $179 which include thirty days supply of the diet drops, two free weight loss trackers and two free bottles of vitamin B12 drops. The final plan is referred to as duty plan and it is worth $540 and it involves sixty days of the better than HCG supply, the free things offered in the basic plan and an inclusion of a bottle of WeightLoc drops. Hence better than HCG is an ideal way of people wishing to lose the excessive weight to effectively achieve their objectives by taking their weight loss pursuit to the next level.

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