Have A Successful HCG Diet By Following Our Ten Suggestions

 1. Plan Your Diet Psychologically

Make sure to have in hand four weight loss motivation methods. Take advantage of the HDG Drops Plus Vision Board in order to get a mental image and thrive to your ultimate desired weight. Make sure to go through the diet process in a period in which you don’t have too many events to distract you.

 2. Days Of Loading – No Joke!

Capacity loading will help you go through a much easier diet process by being less hungry and losing much more weight!

 3. Be Organized With Your Meals

As each day ends, make sure to plan the next day’s meals. This isn’t time consuming and will assure that you eat what was planned and not what you feel like eating.

4. Special Diet Supplements 

Purchase supplements that will assist your appetite attacks and will speed up the weight loss process. All supplements must be approved for the HCG Diet adverse effects.

 5. Water, water and more water!

Our bodies are 60-70% water. Yes, that’s right, water makes up most of our body’s mass. If you’re planning to go through the HCG diet, keep in mind that you must have enough water to drink on a daily basis, 1 gallon a day to be exact. Have plenty of coffee and herbal teas as well. You can also enjoy a hydrating beverage with natural lemon, which can be sweetened with Stevia. This antioxidant sweetened lemon-tea drink will help melt that body fat!

6. Have Someone To Be Your Support Network

It is crucial that one has a strong support system when going through such diets. Therefore, make sure you have somebody such as a family member or spouse to help you through the process. Refer one to the other while on the HCG diet.

7. Eating Habits Can Change Everything

Take in account that the human brain needs twenty minutes to account your body feeding. Therefore, eating fast is not a good idea. Take your time and eat your food slowly. Cut up all those fruits and vegetables into small pieces. The area in which you eat is of great importance, so make sure you are not eating in front of the computer or television.

8. Track Down Your Fat Burning!

Every pound you lose should be tracked, so make sure that you have an accurate method of tracking the weight loss, such as a vision-board and a tracker.

 9. Haven’t Been Losing Weight?

If you’ve been stuck on the same weight for a few days now, make sure to go through the special checklist:

- Are you loading accordingly?

- Are you following the food and water requirements?

- Are you adding spices into your meals that contain starch, vegetable oil or sugar?

- Are you taking all of the supplements needed?If your weight will still not change for over seven days, make sure to have an apple day. This means that you should start off by eating an apple at lunch and 5 more apples until the next day’s lunch meal.

10. Keep Your Desired Weight!

Stay away from all of the foods that got your overweight in the first place and continue tracking your weight loss process. Make physical activity for about half an hour to an hour a day, five days a week. Keep up all of the food habits that have gotten you to the desired weight in the first place and take all of the HCG formulated supplements.

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