HCG Diet Plan and its Dangers

As people get more conscious about fitness, the popularity of weight loss diets is increasing. One such diet plan is the HCG diet plan. Users of this particular diet claim to lose up to three pounds per day. However, despite its significant effect on the body weight, its dangers must first be addressed conclusively. Many people today are too busy and lead very unhealthy lifestyles as a result.

Most of these people rely on fast food outlets and restaurants for their daily meals. They hardly have any time for any form of body exercise. As such, more and more people become overweight or obese over time. Being obese comes with consequences and they soon realize they have to revert to the normal body weight. As they do this, they miss a step by opting for easy and fast weight loss systems. This increases the popularity of the exercise equipment, diet pills as well as the other forms weight loss programs.

HCG refers to human chorionic gonadotropin hormone. It is secreted by women at the early pregnancy stages. It regulates the production of progesterone which is essential for the baby and mother. As a normal prescription medication, it is mainly used in the treatment of fertility issues. The HCG natural role is to help in the collection of the adipose tissue which it converts into calories. It also helps in the suppression of hunger.

The main function of HCG in the body is to burn the accumulated fats and to help in the reduction of weight. For the purpose of assisting in weight loss programs, HCG is extracted from the urine of pregnant women. It is then processed and availed as an oral supplement or an injection for sale. A person on the HCG diet is advised to follow its 500 calories per day recommended food consumption. The person must also take the daily HCG injections or oral drops to lose weight.

The 500 calories food consumption per day is insufficient to sustain the normal activities of the metabolic processes that lead to irritations, cravings for foods and lightheadedness.

Up to now, there is no authentic published medical report the dangers of the oral HCG diet plan on the women and men who take it.

Nonetheless, there have been reported complaints like depression, headache, blood clot problems and restlessness from people on the HCG injection program.

The intake of the HCG hormone makes a person experience pregnancy signs such as water retention, swelling of hands and feet as well as tenderness of breasts. An obviously fatal danger of the HCG diet for women is the exhibition of the Ovarian Hyper-stimulation Syndrome. This makes the patient experience excess urination, nausea, difficulty in breathing, vomiting and an increase in body weight.

Since weight loss is your ultimate goal, there are better and safer ways to lose weight. Your doctor or any other healthcare provider will advise you on the best possible ways to achieve permanent weight loss which include regular exercise and eating a healthy and balanced diet. The dangers of the HCG outweigh its benefits.

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