Hcg Diet Stages

When doing HCG dieting program, you need to really limit your intake as it will ensure the effectiveness of losing extra pounds of your body weight. Through different stages that have been designed and planned within the program, you are expected to achieve the satisfying final result that suits your preference and like. This dieting program restricts you to consume 500 calories within a day. Since you only consume 500c calories a day, of course you will lose weight. But is it difficult to do so? Lots of people think that it is, but through the different stages, you will be guided to go through the process so you won’t go into shock.

The First Stage
The first stage is the most important stage in this program since it will set up your foundation to start the whole program. You need to prepare your body – as well as your system – so you can minimize the possibility of side effects. During this stage, there are several things that you need to do. You will need to take supplements so your body can adjust itself to the new condition. You also need to make sound and solid meal arrangement and preparation. This first stage will last about a week before you can continue to the second stage.

The Second Stage
You will be dealing with 2 sub-stages that would cover the whole principle of this HCG dieting program. When you suddenly change your diet into a more restricted one, your body and its system will have hard times to cope and adjust. When your own body has hard time to cope, the result won’t last long and you won’t be able to reach your goal. That’s why you will be guided through a process where your body will be ‘forced’ to adjust itself to the new condition. With this new system, it is expected that you won’t go into crazy craving mode. On the contrary, you can have more health benefits as well as better health.

You will be asked to explore your new options in planning your own meal, such as:

  • Breakfast, consuming cheese, sausage, cheese omelet, bacon and cream bagel.
  • Brunch, consuming strawberry shake and donut with whipped cream.
  • Lunch, consuming pork chop, spring roll buttered veggies, and chicken steak along with mushroom sauce and mashed potatoes.
  • Evening snacks, consuming frozen cappuccino or ice cream.
  • Supper, consuming cheesecake, salad, cheese garlic bread, and crispy nuggets.

These menus are certainly tasty and healthy. It is common if you have cravings or hungers when you first consume them. But as time goes by, you can eliminate your cravings. Moreover, you also need to consume the supplements so you won’t be suffering so much.

The Third Stage
You should be experiencing weight loss by now. This stage will last for about three weeks. When you have entered this stage, you are expected to maintain your current weight so you won’t be back to your old weight.

The Fourth Stage
In this final stage, you will be introduced to the diet drops so you can maintain your weight for longer run.

Sure, this dieting program may not be easy to cope or adjust, but with strong determination and will, you will be able to reach your goal successfully.