How HCG can help in maintaining weight loss

Today, most people who are overweight are looking at ways of getting rid of the excess fat from their body. People who have worked hard to lose weight must learn to keep it off. It is easy to return to poor eating habits if the right steps are not taken. Many people who lose weight regain their weight because they don’t follow a strict diet plan. One of the best ways of maintaining the weight you have lost is by following low calories stabilization phase of your HCG diet.

After you get rid of the excess fat from your body, you must continue to eat low fat and low calorie food. Women must not consume more than 800 calories in a day and men must not consume more than 1000 calories. People can limit their calorie intake by eating healthy and nutritious food.

The best way of reducing your calorie consumption is by eating more vegetables. When preparing your diet plan for stabilization phase, you must add foods from categories like fish, vegetables and lean meat. You can also include a small amount of fat in your diet plan, as certain fats are essential for normal functioning of the body. However, you must exclude all foods that contain starch and refined sugar. You can also eat a serving of fruits or vegetables between your lunch and dinner as it contains essential vitamins and antioxidants.

You can include new vegetables like cauliflower and broccoli to your diet. However, you must exclude vegetables like carrot, peas and corn from your diet as they have high sugar or starch content. If you like eating fruits, you can eat small quantities of cherries, banana and plums. Eating large quantities of fruits must be avoided as they have high sugar content.

You must not include high-energy food items that have poor nutritional profile. Most snacks available in the market fall in this category. You also avoid drinking alcohol it has little nutritional value but has high sugar content.

If you have a weakness for chocolates, you can eat plain dark chocolates with a substitute of sugar. However, this treat must only be eaten occasionally, as it is easy to gorge on it.

Many people who prepare a diet plan believe that their work is over after they prepare a good plan. These people must not undermine the importance of regular exercise. When you exercise regularly, it will improve the metabolism of your body and will help in maintaining your weight. Some of the exercises you can do to control your weight include stretching, walking and slow jogging. Even some basic exercises like doing housework or working in the yard can also help in burning calories if they are done strenuously.

Of course, you can always revert back to the maintenance phase of HCG diet plan you were following if you put on weight. This will help you in paring off the extra weight that you have gained because of your unhealthy eating habits. You can start following the 500-calorie diet plan to lose weight and achieve your goals. Eating healthy food after weight loss and not sliding back to old eating habits will make it easy for you to maintain your weight.

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