How to Stick to the Very Low Calorie HCG Diet

It can be tough for people to survive on 500 calories a day. However, this has to be done if you are using the HCG diet. You have to commit yourself to the HCG diet if you want to lose more weight. An appropriate diet and the use of HCG drops will help you to potentially lose a pound a day for about twenty-six days. You should use these tips if you want to get the best results out of this very low calorie diet.

Work Hard on Loading Days

You should not be afraid of what you are consuming on loading days. You need to consume fats so you can get the fats to work later on in your diet as stored energy. This should help you out by giving you the energy your body needs while you are starting the diet cycle. This will help while your body adjusts itself to HCG. The body should eventually free up the fat that you added during a loading day to help support your energy needs.

Consume More Water

You also have to get enough water each day during the diet. Water can help you out with metabolizing fat while keeping you from feeling too hungry. It make the diet process easier to follow.

You could consume coffee or tea during the HCG diet. You should be careful because they can be diuretics. This makes it so your body will lose water. You must consume more water if you consume coffee or tea while dieting.

What Meals to Eat?

It’s a good idea to get your ingredients for meals ready as soon as possible. This includes getting your foods prepared by finding ingredients that are approved for the HCG diet. It’s best to not only get a meal chart set up to determine what you should eat but to also add some variety to what you’re doing. This has to help you out with sticking to your diet without being bored by it.

Meal Strategies

The meals that you consume during your diet must be prepared well. It’s best to plan your meals a week ahead of time. Everything must be measured and sealed off separately from each other. You could heat these meals up when you have to consume them.

This has to be done to give you an idea of what you should eat during the diet. It can even allow you to avoid straying from your diet.

Learn About HCG Recipes

The final tip for the HCG diet is to think about what you can eat in the diet. You can find an HCG diet recipe book that offers all sorts of recipes dedicated to the HCG diet. These include recipes that feature different cooking methods and ingredients to make the foods you eat a little more appealing. The odds are that you’d be surprised over the kinds of foods you could enjoy when getting into this kind of diet.

You have to use these tips if you want to survive on the HCG diet. Living off of 500 calories in a single day is not as hard as you might think it would be.

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