Is Exercise Necessary while on HCG Diet?

This is one of the most frequently asked questions from HCG dieters or those who are new to this kind of diet program. Is exercise necessary while on HCG diet? The truth here is most dieters were attracted with HCG diet due to the fact that they do not really have to exercise. For those who are overweight or obese, getting into an exercise program can be dangerous, especially if not followed or done correctly. That is the reason why dieters opt for HCG diet instead to help them with their weight problems.

Thousands of HCG dieters have given their success stories. There are those who were able to lose 30 to 50 pounds by following the HCG protocol alone and now these people are all looking and feeling fabulous. Some of these people encountered various health problems related to weight but all these are now gone and they have done it by opting for HCG diet. With their new weight, they are now able to enjoy various physical activities and they are now capable of doing things they cannot do before when they were still overweight.

Admit it – every individual is different. You have to listen you the needs of your body at all times. Strenuous exercises are forbidden when you are following HCG diet, especially if you are on the low calorie phase of the program. However, going for a nice walk daily is permitted as long as you can handle it properly. If you are feeling dizzy or lightheaded, then you should stop it. Some dieters do well with short walks daily, but there are those who are incapable of doing it. Your body, however, will send signals so you should pay attention to it. Do not forget that you are only consuming 500 calories per day so you should not push yourself too much and trying to go beyond the limit can be your biggest mistake.

 Exercise in Maintenance

Weight loss is the main goal of each dieter opting for HCG diet. Once you have met your goal, you should then proceed to the maintenance phase. For some dieters, more than one round might be necessary in order to maintain their achieved weight. The maintenance phase is the time when you can set your lifetime plan in motion and aim for success. Remember that HCG diet is not all about weight loss. It is also about preventing the weight from coming back and keeping it off of your body. This can be done by implementing a workout designed just for you.

If you are not doing any exercises before you decided to follow the HCG diet protocol, it would be great to start with light routines upon reaching the maintenance phase. As you progress, you can gradually increase to moderate exercises. You can do some weight or resistance exercises into your program as well. When you get into the maintenance phase, it would be great to follow an exercise program suitable for you to maintain your ideal weight. Aside from that, regular exercising can also help you maintain your overall health. However, when opting for an exercise program, make sure that you choose the one that you can actually do on a daily basis.

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