My Amazing HCG Diet Experience

I just started my HCG diet a day ago, and today is the last one of my load days. The HCG diet is pretty different in the sense that it starts with eating at full capacity for 2 back to back days. After the load days you need to go on a very low calorie diet for forty or twenty three days depending upon the amount of weight you want to lose. I got to know of this diet when I ran across my daughter’s friend, and I told my daughter about meeting her friend, I said that she was looking great, and asked whether she has a new boyfriend? Usually am not the kind of person that checks on other’s weight, but she has always been a huge girl and I was surprised to see her.

My daughter told me that her friend has lost a lot of weight, and that’s the main difference that has made her look fabulous. She has lost more than eighty pounds of weight in two cycles by using this HCG diet, which feels wonderful.

I was looking forward to lose fifty pounds of weight and that’s why I started to do some research into this HCG diet. I used the internet to find all information regarding the diet, and finally found the book Pounds and Inches written by the doctor that invented the HCG diet.

After reading the book I was fully convinced that this diet is perfect for me. In the beginning you will lose weight quickly, a pound per day on the average. The fact is that if you follow this diet completely, even after several years of bad eating habits you will still be able to reset your body and stay at your natural weight. This is the exact thing that I was looking for, as this will end the yo-yo dieting. I looked at all things very carefully and easily learned that the whole dieting process will not be easy. I decided to start in December and lose weight by my birthday, but then I postponed till January, as controlling my cravings during the holidays was going to be extremely challenging.

Now, after beginning my new diet I feel really motivated, and I am a person that doesn’t have any problem with eating the same food again and again, and the best part is that I like all the allowed edibles. So, tomorrow is going to be my very 1st day on the very low calorie diet, and I may miss my old oatmeal breakfast. From tomorrow I will be having tea or coffee in breakfast, and eat similar meals at lunch and dinner. Meal times will include a 100 gram piece of pure protein from chicken, sea food or beef, a vegetable, one bowl of sliced fruit and a melba toast.

HCG is basically a hormone and if one goes according to the plan he/she will not feel hungry during the beginning days before HCG kicks in, or only suffer from minor hunger problems. I am going to enjoy my last supper at Sweet Tomatoes this eve, and I am looking forward to enjoy it fully, but at the same time I wish that I were already into the diet, as I am excited to see the excess fats go away. I will keep you informed about my journey.

By: Julie

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