Techniques for Keeping Those Pounds Off!

Your HCG diet has been successful. Now that you have shed off those pounds, how do you keep them off? Most people think that losing the weight is the hardest part. The truth is, keeping the pounds off is equally challenging. Once you have lost the weight through your HCG diet, make sure that you have a strategy of keeping them off. You don’t want to go back to the old miserable you, right? Here are some techniques that you could do to ensure that you lose the weight permanently!

Tip 1: Live on a Sensible Diet for the Rest of Your Life

This does not mean that you will be living off a 500 calorie diet daily as this will be very difficult. The key is in making sure that from now on you will be making the right choices when it comes to food. From time to time, it is alright to eat especially if there are gatherings like holidays and family reunions – don’t be a kill joy on those occasions. However, other than those days, be very keen with the food you eat. This includes choices on both your liquid and solid intake. Drink green tea daily to make your metabolism faster. Make sure that you don’t add sugar to your drinks. Prioritize your fiber intake daily to ensure proper digestion.

Tip 2: Exercise!

Don’t go two days straight without exercise. It is important that you have a zero tolerance to this rule. Otherwise, you will find yourself slowly going back to your old shape. In addition to this, do some strength training exercises as well. This will help tone your body and make the lose skin go away. Jog around the village every morning or every other morning.

Tip 3: No Binging

One mistake that you might do is to reward yourself with a big slice of chocolate cake. This will put you in big trouble! Do not reward yourself just yet. A little slice will do harm especially if these are sweet pastries. Don’t decide to eat what you want every weekend. This will also get your in trouble. Just continue with the lifestyle that you chose – that is the smartest thing to do. The same is true with alcoholic drinks. Say no to nights out with the office mates!

Tip 4: Keep A Journal

Weight yourself daily and check your progress. If your budget allows you, go ahead and buy a digital scale. This is the most accurate way in which you can weigh yourself. This will also show you if your maintenance techniques are working. A slight increase in your weight is already an indication that there is something wrong with your maintenance phase.

 Tip 5: Manage Stress

Stress is one of the culprits to any diet. This is because high levels of stress can cause you to eat and binge for you to be able to feel good. Do Yoga, listen to relaxing music and make it a habit to do breathing exercises. Emotional Freedom Technique or EMT is also important. Many people eat because of their emotions – this should be a big NO!

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